Thursday, July 1, 2010

FrenchMorning - A Feast at the Beach

As many of you know I have a book coming out in August. Today the first advanced review was published on FrenchMorning.

You can read it here:

FrenchMorning article

Being FrenchMorning, the article is in French (the book itself is in English).

The review is quite favorable, but there is one line that just humbles me:

“Dans A Feast at the Beach, on se retrouve plongé dans la Provence des années 60; un univers qui évoque à la fois les romans de Marcel Pagnol et les photos de Robert Doisneau.”

Translates to:

In A Feast at the Beach, you find yourself immersed in the Provence of the 60s, a universe that evokes both the novels of Marcel Pagnol and the photographs of Robert Doisneau.”

To be mentioned in the same breath as the great writer Marcel Pagnol is an honor beyond words, and the amazing photographer Robert Doisneau too. I am overwhelmed.

I will keep everybody up-to-date as we get close to the launch date. There will be some parties, and my publisher has insisted I do some readings and such.

And for those who are interested there is now a Fan Page for the book an Facebook, where regular updates, reviews and such will be published. You can find it here:

Facebook fan page

Keep in touch,
Le Capitaine

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