Friday, December 17, 2010

A bit remiss...

Yes, I’ve been remiss updating this blog. Sorry. The thing is, a lot has been happening.
Sharon Stone wants her copy of the book signed,
but first she'd like to discuss a few things...

Gendarme, the wonderful Lisa Kudrow, 
and yours truly at  the Beverly Hills 
book release event.
Doing a reading for an intimate audience
at the Merryvale Winery, in St. Helena,
Napa, California.
For one, my novel A Feast at the Beach was published, with a wonderful celebrity filled release party, as well as print, radio and television interviews and the like.
The release party was by invitation only, hosted by the Honorable David Martinon, Consul General of France at the official residence in Beverly Hills. There was live music, food prepared by 5 top French chefs, a bar hosted by St. Germain, speeches, an emotional reading, gifts bags, celebrities and diplomats and a lot of books signed.
It has been quite an adventure, one that continues as I do signings and the book continues to get media exposure.
I have been honored with some rather incredible reviews. Here are some links in case you’re interested:
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The Provencal Post
Zimbio photo essay
A Feast At The Beach reviews page

Another thing that has taken some time and attention is that we’ve moved from the City of Lost Angels to the City by the Bay. The upside of this is a plethora of restaurants to investigate! I’ve already started, so you’ll see some reviews soon.

Until then, may I suggest you pick up a copy of my book A Feast at the Beach. I do believe you will enjoy it. Just click here:

A bientôt,
Le Capitaine