Friday, June 28, 2013

A culinary trip through time from Paris to Provence

I recently had the opportunity to write an article for Gastonomique En Vogue magazine about the memoir slash cookbook Paris to Provence.  I don't do these types of articles very often, but...

Some of Sara Remington's beautiful images which are included in the book. (L-R) Charcuterie Plate on page 118, Boy in car on page 15 and Strawberries in Red Wine on page 66 of the book Paris to Provence.

I've been a fan of Georgeanne Brennan for years and consider myself privileged to be able to call her a friend, and so when she asked if I'd take a look at her daughter's manuscript for a book she'd been working on I said I'd be honored to.  And I was.

When Georgeanne's daughter Ethel sent over the manuscript, which included photographs by co-writer and photographer Sara Remington, I was hooked. In reading the manuscript I was struck time and again at some of the similarities in our experiences as children vacationing in France. Of course having recipes of childhood favorite dishes was a nice bonus! I told them the book was beautiful and gave them a quote to use for publicity that ended up on the back cover.

And when, just after the book was released Gastronomique En Vogue asked if I'd write a review, well, all I could think of was that good works by great people should be supported!

Please do give the article a read and let me know what you think...

bon apetit
Le Capitaine

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