Monday, March 9, 2015

When it comes to wines...

I believe one should always have a chilled bottle of rosé on hand, because it's an essential paring to any sunny day.
One should also always have a serviceable bottle of chilled French white wine in the ice box, just to be ready for those moments when a white wine is called for, either by the food or the company.
And one should never be without a chilled bottle of champagne or an exceptional crémant, because you never know when good news will hit at which point you'll need to celebrate. 
Of course, no house should be without, at a minimum, a small selection of delectable French reds, as an absence of them is for all intents culturally criminal in many circles.
Can I offer you a glass? 


  1. Dear William,
    Loved the book as it brought back happy memories of days in the Provence and in particular St Tropez.
    Please remember me to your mother Colette
    A bientot mon ami Nicolas

    1. Thank you Nicolas. It's been a long time, hope you are well.