Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Steel Balls Under a Desert Sun

I like to play pétanque. Most of the time it's for fun, but on occasion I compete. This past Sunday I competed in the Palm Desert Open pétanque tournament (a stone's throw from the fabled Palm Springs).

My two French teammates and I all wore the jersey from "La Boule Tropezienne" -- the Saint Tropez pétanque club. I first received my jersey unexpectedly. I had beaten my cousin Didou in a friendly, if a bit serious game of pétanque while visiting family in St Tropez. That night at dinner, the extended family gathered round the table, Didou presented his personal club shirt to me with great ceremony. To say I was honored is an understatement. I honestly don't think I've ever had a polo shirt I cherish more. To be able to wear it as my team shirt in this tournament in the desert was a thrill on its own.

We played for almost 8 hours strait under the hot desert sun. Though at times we struggled against the fierce competition, we won every game we played. That is until in the early evening, playing in the final with all the other teams and spectators watching, we just couldn't quite muster what it took to beat the champions.

Exhausted, dusty, with aching feet, we were still quite pleased with our second place finish and the intense competition and fellowship we experienced.

And of course, there's no question that we we're the best dressed team on the courts.

A la prochaine,

Le Capitaine 

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